Villa Renovation in Las Brisas I

Marbella, Andalucia

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Renovation of an old villa and flat in Las Brisas

Reform project, by Hidromaster, of this exclusive villa located in the Marbellí de las Brisas area and carried out by our company specialised in luxury homes and swimming pools.

For the new image of this villa, our team carried out a reform both inside and outside the house, with the aim of optimizing the space to give more light and space to the house while gaining in modernity and elegance.

Transformation of the interior of the villa

Due to the fact that the windows were very small and that the colours of the house and the furniture did not follow a specific tone, the villa looked old-fashioned and with little light.

After the team’s renovation of this property, the house has gained a lot of light thanks to the larger windows that give more life to the house. This, together with the light tones that have been incorporated into the floor and wall furnishings, creates a relaxing sensation that is ideal for enjoying a good stay.

Transformation of the exterior of the villa

The materials had deteriorated over time. The infrastructure and layout of the house was not optimised. Both inside and outside we have used a similar design and chromatic tonality so as not to break with the aesthetics as usual in Hidromaster.

We renovated the pool area and the garage to make the villa look more spacious and modern and we incorporated the latest technology in security, heating and home automation.

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