Villa renovation in Lagomar

Andalucia, Spain

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Integral refurbishment for villa in Lagomar by Grupo Hidromaster

Refurbishment by our team for a unique villa in Lagomar with the aim of achieving a clean, elegant and contemporary look to modernise and expand the living space of the house.

Features and transformation of the house

For the integral renovation of the house, our team used an elegant concept with touches of modern and contemporary style where the colour white predominates with contrasting black details that give this house a special touch.

As a company specialising in renovation and construction, we were able to create 4 bedroom suites with new bathrooms to meet the needs of the guests. The kitchen, dining room and living room were unified into a single open floor plan to give a feeling of spaciousness that was not previously available.

Villa design and materials

The interior design, featuring neutral tones and constructed with natural materials, gives an extra value to this elegant and timeless home. The construction has been carried out with carefully selected materials, high quality finishes and custom-made furniture that give this villa a great personality and a cosy feel.

The exteriors share the same aesthetics of the interior, built with the best materials on the market and finishes of renowned brands, and are surrounded by greenery such as palm trees, cypresses and a lawn that borders the pool and adds extra value.

We let our work speak for us